Core Competencies

Source & Beam Physics

  • Ion Source Physics
  • Production of Low and Highly Charged Ions
  • Production and Manipulation of Ion and Electron Beams

Beam Transport & Diagnostics

  • Charged Particle Optics
  • Charged Particle Diagnostics
  • Electron and Ion Beam Transport


  • RF and Plasma Techniques
  • Engineering of Complex Systems
  • FEM based Modeling of Special and Multidisciplinary Physical Problems


  • UHV-based Processes
  • UHV Facilities
  • Modeling of Vacuum Processes


D.I.S Germany is a Center of Excellence in Ion Beam Technology and related fields. D.I.S Germany stands for know-how in finding Dynamic Integrated Solutions in Electron and Ion Beam Technology, manufacturing of sophisticated complex devices for applications in analytics, medicine, implantation a.o. but also for R & D solutions.

  • The product portfolio of D.I.S Germany covers ion sources, ion beam optics & diagnostics, their integration in complex installations as well as complete irradiations facilities incl. target chamber and target transfer.

  • D.I.S Germany offers consulting services in ion beam technology and in sophisticated manufacturing-related customer projects.

  • D.I.S Germany supplies high-quality mechanical manufacturing of complex parts as well as fully integrated assemblies for various fields of applications such as ion beam technology and others.

  • D.I.S Germany and our partners in the United States bundle our core competencies handling complex high-tech challenges in ion and electron beam generation, manipulation, characterization and beyond.